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Dear Prospective EAGLE Families,

Welcome to EAGLE College Preparatory Schools South Mountain, where we expect academic greatness in a loving and safe learning environment.  Our wonderful team is eager to serve the children in our community, and our scholars benefit greatly from our focus on academic excellence and character development.  This past year has been a challenge for many children nationwide and we are looking forward to engaging with families and scholars to move forward.

This year, you will see us intentionally providing additional support to our scholars through after school tutoring opportunities, access to additional educational assistants, and the expertise of a school counselor, who will offer social and emotional support to our campus.  Our excellent teachers will use our assessment data with intentionality as we plan and execute lessons that will meet the needs of each scholar.  Our use of Lexia and Zearn, wonderful online learning programs that can be used at home, will be prioritized as an additional opportunity to individualize instruction.  Finally, we are excited to welcome our sports programs back and expand our arts program to include our kindergarten through fourth grade students in art masterpiece lessons so that all EAGLE scholars grow not only academically, but as well-rounded people.

EAGLE South Mountain uses the Character Formation Project to emphasize the importance of seeing oneself as part of something much bigger, and we explicitly teach and discuss respect, integrity, justice, responsibility, self-sacrifice, diligence and courage.  This year, in addition to studying these virtues in the classroom, we will emphasize one virtue each month as we honor scholars, team members, families and community members that exemplify these virtues.  We look forward to partnering with you to lay a solid foundation of strong character in the lives of your children.

We have set specific goals this year related to building our EAGLE South Mountain culture, increasing student learning, and engaging our families well.  Our team is eager to speak with you about the ways that we can serve your family and the resources that we can offer as we help you to set your child up to soar into a bright, college-bound future.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  I look forward to meeting you and your wonderful family.

Grateful to serve,

Rebecca Hancock, Principal